print publications need to reassess their business models to successfully achieve profit online--the same profit they achieved in newspapers' heyday
launching newspapers online revolutionized the media landscape, but newspapers have taken too long to adapt
multimedia journalists are reaching out to online audiences by transitioning and repackaging traditional journalism for the web
the legacy of newspapers will never be forgotten, but for some audiences, web sites and mobile media are the most convenient methods to get news

soon physical newspaper may be considered

obsolete, which is why khalil and saad chose to use them for

creative purposes

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A New Form of Online Media

February 18, 2010

This dress was constructed by Nardine Saad and Susanna Khalil. It was inspired by the decreased demand for physical newspapers and playfully suggests that they are better used in artistic endeavors. The dress merges her affinity to journalism with her affinity to dresses, displaying them on a 21st Century medium.


Mouse over the dots for a better look at the headlines on the newspaper dress

newspaper dress obsolete 21st Century Take immortal drawing board world change

Photos: Nardine Saad

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