just one more month

one more month till i turn in my thesis! So far this week i’ve finished my printer infographic, made a vuvox timeline, installed and messed with lightbox (of course because it’s a wordpress plugin it has been in a nightmare to figure out), and finally adjusted my front page. i have tons of photos–they’re not all great but i think i can whip something quasi-photojournalistic from them. and tomorrow i’m off to do my second round of man on the street interviews in santa monica. i did a few this weekend and rediscovered my intense loathing of broadcast. on the flip side–the flip cam is AWESOME. still can’t decide if i want it or a rebel more but i will worry about that post-thesis. one…more…month.


thesis means bad sleeping habits

i’ve been going to bed at 4 a.m. and waking up around noon or 1 p.m. each day. why? because wordpress is driving me insane. there are no ready made themes that have exactly what i want so i have to tweak each one that has some of the elements i need to best showcase the site. problem is i have no idea how to properly edit PHP files so there is a whole lot of trial and error and late nights trying to figure out what’s wrong. i wish i hand-coded the site…or better yet, took the comp exam. so frustrated.

it took a whole week to make these additions: add a new theme, add a tabbed sidebar, flickr feed and twitter feed. i added some recent thumbnails to the bottom of the page too but can’t get any of the pictures to show up. i also can’t get the featured thumbnail nodes to stay on one line. ahhh!

for serious


want to see the power of the t-shirt in action? apparently you can pay this model to wear a t-shirt advertising your cause by buying up a day on her calendar. she’ll wear the tee and  write a blog about it. fascinating…i didn’t know models used computers ;) does that mean she never gets to wear regular clothes if each day on the calendar is sold out?

watch the shewearsyourtee video here:

special thanks to professor towns for the tip.


thesis update

i met with my third thesis (and last) committee advisor today. she specializes in consumer behavior at USC’s Marshall School of Business and is super smart, nice and looks like a really young and prettier michelle obama. she’s going to help me with the consumer culture aspect of the t-shirt project… specifically how to answer the ‘why?’ questions that keep cropping up.

i turned in my paperwork that listed all my committee members, too. but before i turned it in, i was reminded by Celis that my previous topic idea–about Coptic being phased out–was also a really good one. great. i would have pursued it if i stayed a print major but i keep hearing that these internets are kind of a big deal, so i’m still happy i switched to online. plus i probably wouldn’t have been able to build my site or write this entry if i didn’t switch. grateful much?