career moves


this morning i did a phone interview for the LA Times Metpro program. interview went well,  i thought, but i didn’t want to get get too hopeful. i was conferenced in (that was a first!) to three other LAT staffers. i hate that feeling of knowing as soon as you hang up they’re going to talk about you. i can’t help but think they are making faces to each other while i’m talking and i’m none the wiser because i’m enthralled with the sound of my own voice and, oh yes, i can’t see them. anyway, when it was over they said they’d be in touch by the end of next week with their decisions. i came to terms with them not taking me, hoping that it meant some opportunity with AP after my summer internship was in the pipeline. i always feel like an idiot when things don’t work out. about four hours later they called to offer me the job.

i’m going to work for the LA Times…again :) so excited!


photos taken for j556 bingo


just one more month

one more month till i turn in my thesis! So far this week i’ve finished my printer infographic, made a vuvox timeline, installed and messed with lightbox (of course because it’s a wordpress plugin it has been in a nightmare to figure out), and finally adjusted my front page. i have tons of photos–they’re not all great but i think i can whip something quasi-photojournalistic from them. and tomorrow i’m off to do my second round of man on the street interviews in santa monica. i did a few this weekend and rediscovered my intense loathing of broadcast. on the flip side–the flip cam is AWESOME. still can’t decide if i want it or a rebel more but i will worry about that post-thesis. one…more…month.

fashion week, here we come

fashion, meet technology

dolce and gabbana will be streaming their women’s fall winter  show live for the first time ever.


fun photo gallery

The posted this photo gallery last week and I couldn’t help but flip through it to see if I’d been to–or still wanted to go to–any of these destinations. overall, i wanted to go to half and had no desire to go to the other half.

I was sad to see Disneyland, Rio and Pisa on the list.


thesis means bad sleeping habits

i’ve been going to bed at 4 a.m. and waking up around noon or 1 p.m. each day. why? because wordpress is driving me insane. there are no ready made themes that have exactly what i want so i have to tweak each one that has some of the elements i need to best showcase the site. problem is i have no idea how to properly edit PHP files so there is a whole lot of trial and error and late nights trying to figure out what’s wrong. i wish i hand-coded the site…or better yet, took the comp exam. so frustrated.

it took a whole week to make these additions: add a new theme, add a tabbed sidebar, flickr feed and twitter feed. i added some recent thumbnails to the bottom of the page too but can’t get any of the pictures to show up. i also can’t get the featured thumbnail nodes to stay on one line. ahhh!

black is the new black

fashion week

perhaps this is totally unrelated to thesis, but it is related to journalism and my love for AP. Here’s a video they did for FW ‘11 Fashion Week(s).



newspaper dress infographic

I successfully made my very first info graphic!  i love you, dreamweaver! Check out the new graphic here.

Oh, and happy valentine’s day! i’ll  be spending the rest of my romantic weekend weaving dreams…


flash and dhtml ≠ happy nardine

somehow i’m unable to get either to work for me. toto decided to die on me in the middle of building a dhtml infographic and apparently it is difficult to teach a pc user flash in an all mac classroom. did i previously mention my distaste for apple??

viva toto!

for serious


want to see the power of the t-shirt in action? apparently you can pay this model to wear a t-shirt advertising your cause by buying up a day on her calendar. she’ll wear the tee and  write a blog about it. fascinating…i didn’t know models used computers ;) does that mean she never gets to wear regular clothes if each day on the calendar is sold out?

watch the shewearsyourtee video here:

special thanks to professor towns for the tip.